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Waiting on Financial Aid, Paycheck, etc.? Use our Rent Now, Pay Later program and PAY NOTHING TODAY!

Q: How long do I get to keep the rental?
A: Rentals are due the day after the Fall semester ends: December 13th, 2019
Q: Do you price match rentals?
A: We guarantee to be cheaper, but if we're not we can fix it.

Q: What if I'm not in town to buy/rent my textbooks?
A: We're open 24/7 online at
Q: I like to buy my books instead of renting because I may need them.  Why should I rent?
A: We have a no-risk rental which means your full rental price can be applied to the purchase price at the end of the semester. 
For example, if the rental price is $25 and the purchase price is $75, you would pay $50 to keep the book at the end of the semester. 
Q: What if I end up not needing a book?
A: You have until September 3rd, 2019 to return for a full refund. That gives you a chance to attend a full week of classes and decide if you need the item or not. Note: New books must be in original shrink-wrap to receive full refund.

Q: Do you buy back books?
A: Yes, we buy books back every day. All you need to bring into the store is your ID and the books.

Q: What if I lost my book?
A: You only have to pay the difference in how much was paid for the rental minus the purchase price.
Feel free to contact us with any other questions:
(888) 659-2072